Social Entrepreneurial Responsibility

The addition of our newly admiral; resulted after our founder engaged, experienced and observed enormous potential of rare unique talents in his lifetime. Our founder however signaled and emphasised the lack of assistance plus management aiming to accelerate the potential of unique artistic talents.

The initiation and incorporation of a new field of competence
The fulfillment of talent potential is sadly too often not met, as essential requirements to succeed efficient and effective are lacking. Vip-TalentManagement is positioned as the bridge between unique artistic talents and the fulfilment essentials.

Believe & Courage
Vip-TalentManagement’s quest: global artistry scouting, resulting in the fulfillment of scouted unique artistic talents. Bridging the gap as we facilitate the engagement with relevant stakeholders. Backed by market research enabling the accurate introduction, launching and positioning of rare unique talents. The provision of our capital resources, love for rare unique talent, global network and management experience stands stellar to reach the outlined objectives.

Hope & Opportunity
Vip-Estates Ghana comprises its own Research&Development Team, dedicated to scouting and uncovering the best ways to attract, select, manage, represent, launch and retain unique artistic talents. Interacting continuously with the subjected relevant stakeholders from dozens of countries to scout unique artistic talent suitable for
Vip-TalentManagement involvement in our expertise aspects.

We do, however undertake the challenge of supporting and managing only a small selective number of rare unique talents that we consider the most unique and rare at any one given time. We search for rare unique talents whom we believe are most compelling. Constant research to find rare unique talents who occupy a sweet-spot possessing the most potential with the most artistic credibility and sustainability.

By succession planning, assessment, marketing, value-research & development, advocacy, advisory, career guidance, talent retention, representation and resource capital embodied in our management, we aim to complete the fulfillment of these unique artistic talents on our roster to bilateral full ability and benefit.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
― Mother Teresa