Investment Philosophy emphasised on a long term, Disciplined Strategy

Since inception we’ve assisted investors in Africa and beyond meet their investment projections in Ghana. Collaboratively working with the Ghanaian central banks, entrepreneurs and our investment-portfolio managers.

These relationships have covered the full spectrum of Vip-Estates Ghana’s investment capabilities: Advisory, Ghanaian investment management, Ghanaian real estate and partnership utilization.

As global exchange controls have eased, the importance of a robust yielding offshore investment-portfolio in Ghana has become increasingly attractive to investors.

In addition, our investment-portfolio managers regularly visit global environs meeting our/potential clientele for consideration in Vip-Estates Ghana investment-portfolios. Dedicated to understanding, responding and achieving our clientele’s investment aims. Upholding objectives, maintaining lines of communication, using clear and concise reporting procedures.

Core range of Ghanaian Investment:

Real Estate
Investment Banking
Innovative Startups
Land Banking
Joint Venture Partnerships

Approach and investment ETHOS:
Initiate clientele engagement in a conversation regarding investment criteria and aspirations Creating investment bouquet comprising clientèle investment time horizon, appetite for risk and level of return Actively Managing investment-portfolio, as market condition and individual investment objective remain non static Constant communications ensuring our investment stewardship is in line with clientèle investment objectives.

Investment Security
The safety of our clientele’s investments is underpinned by the investment-portfolio manager commitment to observe the fiduciary duties required by asset managers under the Securities Industry Law, PNDC 1993. In addition, we work with our custodian, Barclays Bank Ghana Limited, to secure the investments of our clients at all times.

We are highly regulated by the Ghanaian Security and Exchange Commission, ensures that we observe best practices in managing our clientele’s assets. Our investments are also supervised by the Bank of Ghana. Furthermore, investments through the Bank of Ghana are held on the Ghana Securities Depository (GSD) the official register. Assets are held directly in name on request and accessed at any convenience. Independence is central to our business. Vip-Estates Ghana is authorized & regulated by the Financial Conduct.


The Investment Standard:

Provision of investment solutions designed to help achieve lifelong ambitions Bringing opportunity’s we give access to a world of assets and strategies within a single portfolio Reducing investment risks our solutions spread risks across many assets, managers, geographies and industries, so you can benefit from the ups while limiting the effects of the downs believe in entrepreneurial investment courage: innovative startups are social and financial rewarding Led by outstanding portfolio-investment managers we assess and appoint some of the best performing professionals to spur and help meet our aim of delivering better returns Commitment, knowledge and reach are just some reasons our clientele have repeated working with us Year after year we transact some of the best yielding deals in Ghana, West Africa.  significant financial returns and identifying compelling investment opportunities

Research & Strategies

investment-portfolio managers compels research and strategic advisory to help identify optimal projection for traditional and alternative investments in Ghana. Focus on risk management and targeting strong sustainable performance. Key role of Vip-Estates Ghana’s Research & Strategies capability is to turn facts and figures into robust high-quality analyses on which our investment-portfolio managers can rely upon, day in and day out. Seeking to provide simply research coverage and strategies or quantity. Instead, Vip-Estates Ghana seeks to provide insight. We work with our clientele as partners in their investment processes, rather than just as another information source. Where others seek confirmation for their views, we seek the anomalies. Our clients may not expect us to “get it right” all the time, but we commit to helping them beat their benchmarks by challenging their investment hypotheses and sharing with them exactly how we view the Ghanaian markets evolving – even when this may be an unwelcome message.

Cautious Stewardship

We aim to reach and sustain our vision by remaining inventive, offering tailor-made investment opportunities plus the expansion of our privileged network of local pioneering-stakeholders suited to identified sectors of our clientele resulting in thoughtful pragmatic solutions. Our code of practice is to seek investments diligently maximising returns while maintaining a rigorous approach to managing risk. The success of Ghana’s democracy is an essential element in its attractiveness to investors and in creating an environment that supports local businesses. Ghana is known to be one of Africa’s best places for development to speed up due to its state of peace, love for humanitarian prosperity and tolerance. The Ghanaian real estate market is best suited for investors with a long-term investment horizon who are not swayed by short-term fluctuations and negative performance.

Corporate Responsibility

Vip-Estates Ghana upholds the importance of operational responsibility from how it runs itself and treats employees to how it selects and identifies investments opportunities. It is committed to operating responsibly and in full compliance of the laws and regulations in each of the jurisdictions in which its activity is relevant hence thriving to contribute to the prosperity and development of local economies.


Protecting clientele’s privacy, we commit to the highest standards of confidentiality in managing investment. Vip-Estates Ghana has opted to the refusal of making investment opportunities and ventures public. The confidentiality of investment opportunities and investors non-public disclosure stands paramount.

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